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Inter Community House League (ICHL) information

The Inter Community House League (ICHL) was established to create an exciting soccer league in the Northwest of Calgary.  Many communities in this area do not have enough players to form a viable soccer league on their own and have banded together to provide enough teams to make the soccer season interesting.  

NOTE: If you have a community that is not currently participating in the league and would like to please contact one of the committee members below.

This page is intended to provide information and links to relevant information for the ICHL 

ICHL Committee Member Contact Information

    Lyall-Hunt (Norwest) email
    Stephen Ward (Norwest) email (403)208-2672
    Shawna Hansen (CWSC) email

Current Member Communities

    Silver Springs (Norwest)
    Scenic Acres (Norwest)

Coach Contact Information

Weather Guidelines and Referee Coordinator Contact Information