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Which League is for Me?

What is the difference between the House League and the Competitive Program?

Competitive teams are registered with Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA). The level of commitment expected for competitive teams is much greater. As well as traveling, competitive teams will usually hold more practices: often a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio of practices to games. Tryouts for competitive teams should be expected, as competitive teams are usually made up of stronger players. These players are then placed on teams according to skill and ability.  If you are interested in the competitive program, please visit the Calgary West Soccer website for more information.

House League teams typically play only in their community, with the exception of U12 and older. These teams play against other northwest communities. House league teams have a range of skill and experience levels. We try to balance skill levels on teams for more even play. The emphasis in the House League is on playing games.  There is a two week practice period at the beginning of the season and then the teams will play games for the rest of the season.  Winning is not necessarily the most important thing - a high emphasis is placed on participation and fun.