Equipment Pick-up  Saturday  April 22@ Silver Springs,  Time TBA
Equipment Return  Wednesday, June 21 and Thursday, June 22@ Silver Springs Community Centre, Time TBA

The following has been adopted from the fair play Code of Conduct as developed by the Canadian Council on Children and Youth 1979 and is consistent with Norwest United Soccer Association Policies and Procedures. As participants in Norwest United Soccer, we have read, understood and will abide by this code. By signing this code we agree to use our best efforts in supporting these principles. Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in sanctions by Norwest United Soccer Association.

Coaches' Code

Your coach has agreed to, and signed, the following code:

  • Respect and promote respect for the rules, officials and their decisions.
  • Respect and teach my team to respect, their opponents and opposing coaches.
  • Be reasonable in my demands on players' time, energy and enthusiasm.
  • Avoid over-playing the more talented players. All the players need and deserve equal time. (Playing time may be reduced if a player misses or is late for games or practices without a valid reason)
  • Remember that children play for fun and enjoyment and that winning is only part of it.
  • Ensure equipment and facilities meet safety standards.
  • Seek the advice of player, parent or physician to determine when an injured player is ready to play again.
  • Set a good example by being generous with your praise and never ridiculing players, coaches or officials for the mistakes they may make.
  • Make a personal commitment to keep yourself informed on the principles of sound coaching as well as player development, and the laws of the game.
  • Encourage players to continue their participation in sports.
  • Teach my players the laws of the game and encourage them to play by them.
  • Publicly support the philosophy, principles and procedures of Norwest United Soccer Association in a positive manner, following due process for complaints and issues.

Player's Code

  • Play for the fun of it.
  • Play by the rules.
  • Don't argue with the officials.
  • Control your temper.
  • Work hard for yourself and your team.
  • Be a good sport!
  • Appreciate good plays, whether your team's or your opponent's.
  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
  • Cooperate with your coach and team-mates.
  • Respect your opponents for without them you wouldn't have a game.
  • Strive to attend and give your full effort at all practices and games.
  • Let your coach know if you will be late or absent.

Parents' Code

  • Remember that children play sports to have fun.
  • Encourage your child to play by the rules.
  • Show respect for your team's opponent, and the game officials.
  • Teach your child that honest effort is as important as victory. Results of games may then be accepted without undue disappointment.
  • Recognize and respect the role of coaches. They volunteer their time and resources to provide recreation for your children. Assist coaches in effectively preparing for games or practices by ensuring they are notified when your child will be late or absent.
  • Help your child work towards skill improvement and good sportsmanship. 
  • Avoid criticizing your child for making mistakes.
  • Children learn best by example:
    • show appreciation for the good plays of both your team and the opposition,
    • do not publicly question the officials' judgement and honesty and
    • do not publicly question the coach's decisions.
  • Be on your best behaviour! Support efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from children's sports.