Playing Fields

AllWest Field


This is a single U12+ field located behind the police station in Silver Springs


  • From Crowchild Trail, turn south on Silver Springs Gate,
  • Turn right (North) on Silver Springs Blvd.
  • Turn right (East) on Silver Springs Drive
  • Proceed straight to the turn in road, about two blocks.,-114.184921&spn=0.005032,0.00957&t=h&z=17

Silver Hill, SS1, SS2


There are three fields at Silverhill.  Two U4/U6/U8 fields designated (SS1 (A/B) and SS2 (A/B)) and one U12+ field designated Silverhill


  • From Crowchild Trail, turn south on Sarcee at Silver Springs Gate
  • Follow Silver Springs Drive to Silver Springs Blvd
  • Turn right (North) on Silver Springs Blvd to Silver Ridge Drive
  • Turn left (South) on Silver Ridge Drive to Silver Hill Road
  • Turn right on Silver Hill Road,-114.199802&spn=0.005032,0.00957&t=h&z=17

SS3, SS4, SS5

General Directions to area

  • From Crowchild Trail, turn south on Sarce Trail to Silver Springs Gate 
  • Continue to Silver Springs Blvd

Directions to SS4,SS5
Located on the corner of Silver Springs Blvd and Silver Ridge Drive.  

  • Continue through lights on Silver Ridge Drive 
  • Parking at community center
Directions to SS3 (The Bowl)
  • Turn right on Silver Springs Blvd and travel to Silver Mead Rd NW
  • Turn left onto Silver Mead Rd and continue past the Silver Springs School on the left
  • Field is located in the bowl between the school and the playground 

Sarcee Playfields - Sarcee East, Sarcee West, SS6, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS10


  • From Crowchild Trail, turn south on Sarcee Trail through Silver Springs Gate
  • Turn left (south) on Silverdale Drive,-114.184427&spn=0.005032,0.00957&t=h&z=17

SS6, SS7, SS8, SS9, SS10


When used for the U4-U8 players, this field area is marked for 5 U8 fields

names SS6,7,8,9,10

Sarcee East, Sarcee West


When used for full size fields, this area is marked as follows and the fields are designated Sarcee East and Sarcee West

SA5, SA6, SA7, SA8

(Monsignor Doyle)

There are 4 U10 fields located here designated SA5-SA8

There are 2 U12+ fields here as well


These fields are  located in the playing field south of Monsignor Doyle School in Scenic Acres

 8887 Scurfield Drive NW,-114.217054&spn=0.005031,0.00957&t=h&z=17

SA9, SA10, SA11, SA12, SA13, SA14

Crowchild Twin Arenas

There are six U8 fields designated SA 9-14 located in this park.

There are two U12+ soccer fields located here as well.


This field is located across from the Crowchild Twin Arenas hockey arena,-114.214607&spn=0.005031,0.00957&t=h&z=17

ICHL Playing Fields (U12+)

Please refer to the ICHL Field Locations for a list of fields used in the U12+ league